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August Field Trip - Meteors and Milky Way

We'll be meeting at the Ernest Coe Visitor's center parking lot at the Homestead entrance to the Everglades at 7pm. Shortly after, we’ll caravan to the site and photograph the sunset and find compositions, and then prepare for night. The exact shooting location will be given at the visitor’s center to reduce interruptions through the night. Looks like we’ll have clear skies!

Just so you’re aware, there will be a nearly full moon (82% illumination). Additional challenges will arise, as well as opportunities. Be prepared for shorter exposure times, smaller apertures, perhaps the use of filters? Normally, we like to photograph the night sky with little to no moon, no light essentially, so different settings will have to be used than what we’ve use in the past, just adapt to the light. The very faint meteors will not be visible with such a bright moon, but the larger ones will be. Milky way may be a pipe dream as well. But with a brighter moon, you’ll come away with a better exposed foreground. You’ll have to find your balance.

Do bring:

  • Camera

  • Tripod

  • Remote Shutter Release Cable or Intervalometer - also highly recommended. You can buy one $25 online. If not, you can set your camera up with its timer.

  • Wide angle, large aperture lens, bring what you have. 

  • Lens warmers or disposable hand/back warmers to keep condensation off your lens.

  • Flashlight (white light only!) - for minimal use only.

  • LOTS of bug spray, ThermaCell, Bug Suits, long sleeve shirts and long pants. Anything to keep the bugs off of you. This is the middle of wet season in the biggest swamp in the world. The mosquitoes are very active! I can't stress this enough. This is high time for the mosquitoes. Be very very prepared!!

  • Snacks/water/coffee/sodas.

  • Protective sturdy footwear. This is the Everglades and critters are everywhere. We won't be hiking the prairies but better to be safe than sorry. Wear what you have. 

  • Lawn chairs. Let's be comfortable!

I drafted an article some time ago on what items you can buy or need to buy to be reasonably comfortable in the Everglades. If you need more info, check it out. How to survive the Everglades.

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