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Sunset at Harold A. Campbell Public Use Area

  • Harold A. Campbell Public Use Site Unnamed Road FL United States (map)

We’re planning a sunset shoot up at the Harold A. Campbell Public Use Area, just off US 27 in Palm Beach County. Sunset is at about 7:40pm. (Thank you Oscar for volunteering to lead the expedition.)

It’s also a new moon the day before, so we could possibly shoot some twilight and night photography (stars and star trails) from the area. There’s a photogenic bridge right there for some interest.

If interested, please RSVP if you’re going. Click here

The site is located about half way between Weston and South Bay, approximately 14 miles north of I-75 in extreme southwestern Palm Beach County. If you are unsure where to go, meet Oscar at the intersection of the unnamed road and US 27 at 6pm. After that, you’re on your own.

Bring your whole camera kit, you’ll be just steps from your vehicles. Bring lawn chairs, food, drinks. Bathrooms are at the site. Also, drones are allowed here if you want to take a flight!

(As far as the milky way, yes it does come up and is the perfect time for a shoot, but it doesn’t rise above the horizon until about 1:30am, and that’s in the eastern sky. You’d have to face east into the light of greater Broward/West Palm Beach to shoot it. So might not be a great location for that [it is a great place however in the fall, when it rises in the southwest]. However, those of you diehards can always head back south into the Everglades after sunset if you really want to shoot the milky way.)