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June Field Trip - SFNPCC Keys Scavenger Hunt

The 2nd Annual SFNPCC Scavenger Hunt will take place in the beautiful Florida Keys!

This year we thought we'd do it a bit differently and extend it to 2 days rather than 1 so you can enjoy your time in the Keys while searching for the clues. You certainly can do it in 1 day if that's all the time you have. The "clues" are listed in the link below that you can print out in advance.

Click here for the CLUES for the Scavenger Hunt  .

The rules are: 1) must be a member of the SFNPCC to participate in the contest, but non member guests may ride along. 2) images must be captured between midnight (or 12:01 am) of June 3rd, through midnight (11:59 pm) of June 4th - basically all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Find the clues and shoot them in your own artistic fashion. Other rules about sizing others are included in the link below.

Click here for the RULES for the Scavenger Hunt (Subject to Change)

Keep checking back here to the website for any additions or corrections.