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June 18th Field Trip - Scavenger Hunt Lake Okeechobee

A really fun field trip / scavenger hunt around Lake Okeechobee, ending with a sunset shoot at Port Mayaca on the east side of Lake Okeechobee.  This is an all day event, or for as long as it takes for you to shoot it. As stated in the rules, all photos must be taken ON this date. You can start as early as you need. Sunset is at or near 8pm.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT** Read the rules and challenges prior to the day of the event. This was very well thought out by Robert & Bob and please, if you have any questions, ask before the day of the event.

RSVP to to let us know who will be participating.

Rules for the Shoot

  •  All images shall be created on June 18, 2016.
  • The order of photographing the challenges is up to the photographer.
  • Images will be judged on overall quality and creativity.
  • Anything goes for composition and processing. (color, monochrome, abstract, etc…)
  • Awards will be given for:

o   Best “All Items Found” Photography

o   Best Image Part/Not Part of Complete Group.

o   Honorable Mention Image

  • Members can ride together, but this is an individual competition.
  • Members may bring guests, but awards are only given to SFNPCC Members.
  • Find Robert or Bob around the lake and receive a clue to one location of your choice.
  • Judging will be based on digital files with critique and awards given during the July 7th meeting.
  • Images submitted shall be sized 6 x 4 @ 300ppi and saved as a jpeg.
  • Images shall be saved with the file names for each challenge, as listed in bold for the challenge (below).
  • A Scavenger Hunt folder will be created for the placement of images.
  • Images due back no later than July 5th.


1. Image including the city name “South Bay”.

2. Abandoned Building

3. Place of Worship

4. Stop for a “Stretch” in Lake Harbor and photograph some memorialized pumps and engines.

5. Welcome to Clewiston. Fisherman and Ghosts are Spirits that want to be free. Photograph Roland’s Bass.

6. When was the last time you visited Uncle Joe. Rumor has it he owns a Fish Camp.

7. Joe Diffie sings about Billy Bob standing on a railing painting a 10’ heart in John Deere green on a foam blue one of these

a.     Bonus points – (how many can you find).

8. I never expected to see a flying Ranger in Lake Port.

9. Really??? Kids fishing by lamp post light for Dolphin just east of Tough Luck Lane?

10. Stop for a meal and photograph a Big-Ass-Bass by the Kissimmee River.

a.     Bonus points – (get a photograph with Gary).

11. The Lake looks interesting at S-191.

12. There has got to be something to shoot at Port Mayaca Lock.

13. Photograph the name of the city country music legend Mel Tillis was raised.

14. How often do you find graffiti on a train car?

15. “Her Soil is Her Fortune” Include her name in a photograph.

16. Let’s end the day for sunset at Canal Point.

So those are the rules and challenges. As I've said, if something isn't clear, please ask in advance.