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Dec. 17th (Saturday) Holiday Party at Robert's!

We've had a change of plans for the Holiday party this year. Robert and his wife Charlene have graciously opened their house for our club party. Come and celebrate the holidays with us at Robert's house!

The party will start at 4:30, so hopefully you'll all be there by 5. Sunset is at 5:30 and we can enjoy a beautiful evening out on Robert's back patio with a nice roaring fire! Chestnuts anyone??  Robert says there's "no time limit" as long as we're all enjoying ourselves, so that 9pm end time is there as a formality. 

This party is open to all members, friends, and family. This will be a pot luck so please bring a dish to share. I will be in charge of recording what everyone is bringing and I'll post down below. Please RSVP to me if you're coming and what you'll be bringing to Barb at I'll make sure it gets recorded.

Seeing as this website is visible to the general public, and not wanting to advertise Robert's address to everyone, when you RSVP, I'll email you back his address.

Hope to see you all there!

Food & Drinks

Robert (1) - Some Wine & Spirits
Charlene (1) - Christmas Desserts
Sharon Baron (1) - Big Salad
Hugh (2) - Chips and Dip
Sue (3) Mac n Cheese Bread & wine
John (2) - Black Bean hummus with veg & bread for dipping
Cheryl (1) -
Jason (2) - Southern cornbread dressing
Barb (1) - Loaded Finger Sandwiches (like a Publix ultimate sub, only smaller)