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March Ranger Led Field Trip - Nike Missile Base Tour

Relic of The Cold War

Everglades National Park houses one of the best preserved relics of the Cold War in Florida. An historic Nike Hercules Missile Site, called Alpha Battery or HM-69, remains virtually the same as it was when official use of the site was terminated in 1979.

This missile base was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, completed in 1964 at the height of the Cold War, immediately following the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962. At a time when national security against Soviet attack was America's main priority, the United States Army chose this strategic site within Everglades National Park, located 160 miles from the Cuban coast, to build an anti-aircraft missile site.

An Historic Site

The base was listed on the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Register of Historic Places on July 27, 2004 as an historic district. The area includes 22 buildings and structures associated with events that have made a significant contribution to American history. Some of the extant structures include three missile barns, a missile assembly building, a guard dog kennel, barracks and a number of other features.

For more information on the HM69 Nike Missile Base click here

Meeting Location:

The Dan Beard Research Center's location is noted on the main park map and is approximately a 15 minute drive from the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center.
Note: The Dan Beard Research Center is an office building not open to the public.

A Tour of the Nike Missile Site includes a walking tour of the battery control area, driving (visitors must have transportation during the tour) to the Launch Area, and a walking tour of the Launch Area. Total walking approximately 1/2 mile, the tour is also fully accessible. 

Please be Prepared!

Sun Protection
Water Only is Permitted

Please keep in mind that the entrance to Everglades National Park is $10 per vehicle  which is not included as part of this field trip. To RSVP for this field trip please email us 

We look forward to seeing you there!

 There is $10 fee for non-members to attend field trips.