New and Improved Facebook Challenge!

"This month’s theme is Sunrise/Sunset!"
Final date to submit photos is January 31st at midnight.
Be sure to email them to

All SFNPCC members are welcome and encouraged to compete in this fun Facebook contest.

A PDF list of themes is posted here for download. Photos for each theme are due at the end of that month. So for January, Sunrise/Sunset is the theme. You have until the end of the month to submit your (up to) 2 images. On the first of the next month, I'll post them to the Facebook page and ask for votes. The photos will be up for that entire month for voting.

The KICKER, all photos must have been taken in 2018! Yes, no looking back to old archives to submit something. If you don't have what we're looking for, you have to go and shoot it! That's why we have sunrise/sunset as the first one. Those are easy to get. We get 2 a day, every day. (Future month's are allowed to go as far back as Jan. 1st.)

At the next meeting, we’ll announce winner and we’ll start all over again. After the meeting, I’ll post the winner and all of the pictures on our website, and as the cover photo on our FB Page and Group.


1)   Photo(s) must have been taken by you, and with a camera, not a cell phone. We are a camera club after all. And all photos must be taken in 2018. I will check the EXIF info.

2)   Must fit that month's theme.

3)   Must be exported as a JPG and formatted to fit Facebook. 

4)   Must be emailed to by midnight of the last day of the month. Any photos received after midnight do not qualify.

5)   All images will be uploaded to a Facebook Photo Album on our South Florida National Parks Camera Club public Facebook Page the first of the next month. This is our general public page and we hope many will participate and ‘vote’ for their favorite images.

6) All entrants in the challenge MUST share the album on their own Facebook page at least once during the month, and encourage their friends to vote as well. (Please don’t announce which photos are your own to garner additional votes. We will be on the honor system and hope you all will follow it.)

7) Photo submittal for the Contest is open to SFNPCC members ONLY.

DOs and DON’Ts

· DON’T include a watermark or any personalization to your image. This is supposed to be an anonymous contest.

· DO share the “album” with your friends to view and vote for their favorite(s).

· DON’T submit an image if you don’t want it passed around in social media. FYI - whether or not it has a watermark on it, if people want an image, they can copy or do a screen shot (and crop out watermarks) and use it as their own. There’s not much we as a club or Facebook can do. So if you have an image you want to protect, best bet is to not share it on Social Media.