Facebook Contest & Critique - March 2017 NIGHT SCAPES!

Facebook Contest & Critique - March 2017

“This month’s theme is “NIGHT SCAPE”
Email your sunrise photos to me at info@sfnpcc.org.
Final date to submit the photos is March 9th at midnight.

(I'll paraphrase the rules in this post. Same as before except to limit your submission to only 2 images.)

By the 10th, I’ll post an “album” on our public Facebook Page. I’ll ask people to vote for their favorites by “liking” the image. Also, we’ll ask for constructive criticism in the comments. I'd like to emphasize the critique portion. Not much critiquing this first time out. Let us know what you like or don't like about everyone's images!

Contest ends midnight of April 4th, the Tuesday before the next meeting.

Then at the April meeting, we’ll announce winner and review the critiques, and announce a new theme. 


1)   Photo(s) must have been taken by you, and with a camera, not a cell phone. We are a camera club after all.

2)   Must fit the theme stated at that month’s meeting. (Doesn’t have to be taken that month. They can be older photos.)

3)   Must be exported as a JPG and formatted to fit Facebook. (See specs and instructions below). I’ve included 2 websites to visit showing very detailed instructions.


When exporting from Lightroom, go to the “File Settings” section and under Image Format choose “JPG” from the dropdown menu. Leave quality at 100. Color Space should be “sRGB”. And “uncheck” Limit File Size To:.  In the “Image Sizing” section, click “resize to fit” select “Long Edge” from the dropdown menu. Uncheck “Don’t Enlarge”, and set the value at 2048 (Facebook’s suggestion) and dropdown menu select “pixels”. Resolution should be at 300 and select from drowdown “pixels per inch”. Make sure you “uncheck” the watermark box. This is anonymous.


If you don’t use Lightroom, the link above will help guide you on how to export for Facebook using Photoshop.

Facebook does still compress images quite a bit no matter what resolution we use, just a cross we all have to bear.

4)   Must be emailed to info@sfnpcc.org by midnight of the Thursday after the meeting. (For example, if the meeting is on the 1st, the images would need to be emailed no later than midnight on the 8th). Any photos received after midnight do not qualify.

5)   All images will be uploaded to a Facebook Photo Album on our South Florida National Parks Camera Club public Facebook Page. This is our general public page and we hope many will participate and ‘vote’ for their favorite images. Encourage your friends and contacts to join the fun by “sharing the whole album”, not just YOUR images. And please, don’t announce which photos are your own to garner additional votes. We will be on the honor system and hope you all will follow it.

6)   Photo submission for the Contest is open to SFNPCC members ONLY.

DOs and DON’Ts

· DON’T include a watermark or any personalization to your image. This is supposed to be an anonymous contest.

· DO share the “album” with your friends to view and vote for their favorite.

· DON’T submit an image if you don’t want it passed around in social media. FYI - whether or not it has a watermark on it, if people want an image, they will copy or do a screen shot (and crop out watermarks) and use it as their own. There’s not much we as a club or Facebook can do. So if you have an image you want to protect, best bet is to not share it on Social Media.

· DO include your EXIF data (focal length, f-stop, ISO, shutter speed etc.) for critiquing purposes. Its not required, but will be helpful.

· DO give a little synopsis of where and when you took the shot if you’d like. I will include it if it doesn’t give away your identity.

· DON’T get defensive if someone gives a critique that you don’t agree with. For one, it gives away the ownership of the image, prematurely. If something you did was deliberately against the established “rules” of photography for your reasons, take the criticism with a grain of salt. Start developing a thicker skin. Best thing to do is accept it and try to learn from it.