Landscape Gallery Show at the Capri Restaurant Dec. 2017 - early March 2018

Hello members,

Here's an opportunity to put your artwork on display. The Homestead Center for the Arts (HCA), and the Capri Restaurant, are pairing for the Exhibition: "Landscapes". Below is a message from the HCA.

Greetings, this is Monica from Homestead Center for the Arts. Below is information about the upcoming art show in December, at the Capri Restaurant, 935 Krome Avenue, Florida City, FL.

The Capri Restaurant owner, Jimmy Accursio, has a deep appreciation for the arts. His mother Marlon Accursio, was a fine artist. We are very grateful to Mr. Accursio for being a patron of the arts and for supporting our cause here at the Homestead Center for the Arts. The restaurant gallery plays host to an array of events and meetings throughout the year, thus exposing our artwork to a multitude of individuals.

Event Promotion Mr. Accursio has agreed to help promote this exhibition to the public both inside and outside the establishment using print and web media in the weeks leading up to the event.

This is not specifically just for SFNPCC members. This is open to all members of the HCA. To submit your artwork for showing, you must be a member of the HCA, or join to do so. You can check out their website and join the HCA by clicking here. 

This is a great opportunity as this "landscape" show will run from December up to the beginning of March.
Just to give you all a timeline:

11/19/17 deadline to turn in 'notice to submit' Copy of the FORM here.
12/3/17 (3-6pm) 'ready to hang' artwork dropped off at Capri
12/6/17 (6-9pm) "meet the artists" reception

We urge you all to join the HCA and participate in this great opportunity. If you are interested, please email us at with any questions. 

Barbara Livieri,
SFNPCC Secretary