Biscayne National Park to Host SFNPCC Photography at Dante Fascell Gallery

Hello members,

We are working on another showing of SFNPCCs photographic work. This time we have partnered with the Biscayne National Park, and they need us to provide them with photographs for a display at the Dante Fascell Visitor Center gallery from September 16th through November 27th.

We are looking for club members’ photos to put on display. We would like to have as many participants as we can, and to get as many of our members involved as we can. The more participants we have, the more diverse our show will be.

Biscayne Park is even working with us to arrange access to more remote areas of the park by way of “ride-along’s” with park maintenance. More information will be forthcoming regarding this.

Right now we’re just looking for names of people who will commit to putting photos on display. Robert is in discussion with them to find out exactly how many pieces we need, and the sizes etc. We will pass that information along to you.

The only restriction is that the photos must be taken within the boundaries of one of the four South Florida National Parks: 1) Big Cypress; 2) Biscayne; 3) Dry Tortugas; or 4) Everglades. Final, ready-to-show prints, will have to be completed by early-mid September. Just so you can get a feel for the timeframe.

I urge you all to participate in this great opportunity. If you are interested, email us at to let us know and we’ll put you on the list. We are still working on the details but it looks like they will be providing more exposure for our event by way of multi-media advertising.


SFNPCC Board of Officers