SFNPCC Website


The SFNPCC is pleased to announce the launch of its fully featured website www.sfpncc.org.  The site has extensive content including our new website homepage which allows visitors to quickly find information about the club; from information regarding membership to our calendar of events that list our upcoming field trips and meetings.

On our ‘Join SFNPCC’ page you can now pay via credit card for your membership and have everything done completely online. We also have a blog that will be used to post photos taken by members at field trips, press releases, information about upcoming lectures and field trips to list a few. We would like to also use the blog as a forum to help the club members with any photographic questions they might have since the blog allows for comments to be posted. This would give club members an opportunity to join the conversation and give there opinion. The club will also be using social media sharing applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to interact with our members and to help us grow our community. If you know someone interested in joining the club, feel free to direct them to www.sfpncc.org. 

 Remember, invite a friend to the next meeting and help us grow this amazing new and unique camera club.  If you are ready to sign up, you can do so at www.sfnpcc.org/join-sfnpcc.

 We would like to thank our charter members who have already taken that first step by joining the SFPNCC.  You are the foundation which will help all of us build an amazing club.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@sfnpcc.org