Okeechobee Weekend May 31-June 2, 2019

Folks from the SFNPCC descended upon the central Florida city of Okeechobee for some fun and (hopefully) storm chasing. Well, the storms never really materialized as we hoped but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Friday night we met at the hotel and caravaned down to the lake for sunset.

Saturday morning we gathered at the hotel for sunrise, but there was nothing more than a steady rain. Some of us went back to bed, others ventured out and explored. Saturday afternoon we met at the lake and went looking for storm clouds in hopes of lightning. We saw some interesting clouds, but nothing materialized. Later on a few of us went to a new location to see if we could squeak out a sunset shoot, but it was very cloudy and threatening rain. Others had gone back to the first sunset location and did get a few images. That night a few people went back out to the lake to shoot the storm that had sprung up. Not sure if any images were processed or not. The rest of us turned in early to get up for sunrise.

Sunday morning a few of us ventured out to another undisclosed location for sunrise. It was a beautiful foggy morning drive. Perfect conditions for a sunrise. Ethereal and mystic. This location is definitely a keeper!

Enjoy the photos! (click on the images for a larger view)