SFNPCC New and Improved Video

Here's the new and improved SFNPCC.org video that Robert put together for the club. Watch and enjoy!

Starting now, March, we'd like to collect photographs from EVERYONE from the SFNPCC field trips and put them on display in our Gallery tab of the website. Next field trip is Dagny Johnson State Park in Key Largo on March 24th. Let's make a point to create and share (and send) at least one (you can send more) photo from the trip. Email it to us here at info@sfnpcc.org.

Then when it's time for Robert to make another video, he'll have a collection of images to choose from. If you don't want your images shared online, do not send them.

We have such great photographers here in our club that we need to put ourselves out there so people can see our work. The more we share the more people will see us. Thanks!