2nd Annual SFNPCC Southernmost Scavenger Hunt - 2017

Hi folks!

On June 3rd - 4th, members of the SFNPCC set out in the Florida Keys in search of the ultimate roadside attractions; looking for clues!

This scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. Finding the clues was only one aspect, we as photographers had to make it look INTERESTING! The one who best exemplified that was Bob Richardson! Bob came in first, and our second place winner was Patricia Giraldo, and finishing in third was Sue Martinez.  Congratulations to you all!

Listed below is each clue and the photos that were taken of them. Not everyone who participated were able to get all the clues. Some were not able to participate in the entire event and only shot what they could. Some just couldn't pull it off. And the ones who found all 23 clues were our winners!

Enjoy the Photos!!

Clue # 1 - Florida Tree Snail

Clue # 2 - Styx sang a song about this Sea Nymph.

Clue # 3 - An Endangered mammal.

Clue # 4 - Big Ass Lobster

Clue # 5 - A Jumping Tarpon

Clue # 6 - Photo Cache Subject # 1 (at Anne's Beach)

Clue # 7 - The Southern Most Point

Clue # 8 - Knights Key Bridge

Clue # 9 - This Blue Hole is a freshwater haven in the keys.

Clue # 10 - Photo Cache # 2 (on Little Torch Key)

Clue # 11 - A lobster trap.

Clue # 12 - Where can you still find Flagler’s railroad trestle.

Clue # 13 - This is what I see when I walk down Duval Street.

Clue # 14 - A Sunrise in the Keys.

Clue # 15 - A Sunset in the Keys.

Clue # 16 - What is your favorite Mile Marker?

Clue # 17 - Bad timing could bring your Keys run to a stop at this type of bridge.

Clue # 18 - Not Another Conch Shell...

Clue # 19 - Grab a bite to eat and photograph this Lazy Days Anchor.

Clue # 20 - A Night Sky In the Keys.

Clue # 21 - Keep an Eye out for Baby’s Coffee.

Clue # 22 - It is always interesting at the Sunset Festival.

Clue # 23 - A Key West Rooster.