Fakahatchee Field Trip June 22, 2019

Lots of folks braved the high heat and humidity during one of the early summer Saharan dust plumes that crosses our paths occasionally. But they certainly did find some beautiful things to photograph. Click on the images to view them in full screen. Enjoy!

Images below provided by Bob Richardson

Images below provided by Julio Balcells

Images below provided by Ken Johnson

Images below provided by Marta Cubillas

Images below provided by Robert Chaplin

Images below provided by Sue Martinez

Okeechobee Weekend May 31-June 2, 2019

Folks from the SFNPCC descended upon the central Florida city of Okeechobee for some fun and (hopefully) storm chasing. Well, the storms never really materialized as we hoped but we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Friday night we met at the hotel and caravaned down to the lake for sunset.

Saturday morning we gathered at the hotel for sunrise, but there was nothing more than a steady rain. Some of us went back to bed, others ventured out and explored. Saturday afternoon we met at the lake and went looking for storm clouds in hopes of lightning. We saw some interesting clouds, but nothing materialized. Later on a few of us went to a new location to see if we could squeak out a sunset shoot, but it was very cloudy and threatening rain. Others had gone back to the first sunset location and did get a few images. That night a few people went back out to the lake to shoot the storm that had sprung up. Not sure if any images were processed or not. The rest of us turned in early to get up for sunrise.

Sunday morning a few of us ventured out to another undisclosed location for sunrise. It was a beautiful foggy morning drive. Perfect conditions for a sunrise. Ethereal and mystic. This location is definitely a keeper!

Enjoy the photos! (click on the images for a larger view)

SFNPCC September 2018 Facebook Challenge - Rule of Odds

Sorry for the delay, here is our collection of the “rule of odds” from the September Facebook challenge. Not many submissions this month, but what was submitted was wonderful!

Thanks to all who participated!

1st Place - Patricia Vettorello

Oct. 6, 2018 KelbyOne PhotoWalk led by Robert Chaplin

Here are some SFNPCC member photos from the Kelby One PhotoWalk, led by Robert Chaplin through historic downtown Homestead.

Photos below are from Delfin Hernandez

SFNPCC August 2018 Facebook Challenge - MACRO

First Place image by Patricia Giraldo

Another great month full of wonderful images! See below all of the images and their creators.

SFNPCC July 2018 Facebook Challenge - ABSTRACT

Congratulations Patricia Vettorello on your 1st Place Image!

Congratulations Patricia Vettorello on your 1st Place Image!

July's abstract challenge was a fun challenge. Really lovely and unique images. Congratulations to you all! See below for the rest of the entries and the artists who created them.

SFNPCC June 2018 Facebook Challenge - SHALLOW DOF

1st place by Ernesto Rodriguez

June's shallow depth of field challenge was a new one for the club and I commend everyone who participated. We had some really lovely images. Congratulations to you all! See below for the rest of the entries and the artists who created them.

May 2018 Field Trip to Bill Baggs State Park (Key Biscayne)

Tonight's field trip was to capture images for a time-lapse as we learned about in this month's meeting. If you haven't been, you need to go to this beautiful park. It was my first time and I was very pleased. But don't expect to stay long past sunset. The parks' security were out to sush us out of the park promptly at sunset. Below are a few images I snuck out of the timelapse. I'll attach the video later.

June 2018 Back to Basics/Sunset at Mahogany Hammock

This 'back to basics' field trip, led by Barbara Livieri, was to give our beginner photographers some exercises in aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. We had one beginner show up and we all learned a lot. Number 1, never back out because of weather. This day looked horrible and we were treated with a spectacular sunset. Number 2, always know your camera. Know the knobs and what they do, even if you don't understand it. and 3, just relax and enjoy nature and each other's company. It was a great night.

All photos courtesy of Barbara Livieri

July 2018 Lightning Field Trip

Our annual lightning field trip is courtesy of Robert Chaplin. Robert is a wizard when it comes to reading storm clouds and the weather. Some years are good, some not so good, but the club responds in droves really enjoys these trips.

Below photos courtesy of Delfin Hernandez

Below photos courtesy of Robert Chaplin

April 2018 Sweet Bay Pond Field Trip

The April Sweet Bay Pond Sunrise trip was supposed to be a Cypress Dome Walk. Unfortunately, the water was nowhere to be found. Rainy season hadn't started yet so our plans switched from swamp walk to sunrise shoot. A bit if swamp walking was done to get to this spot but they were all treated with a great view.

Below photos courtesy of Susan Martinez

SFNPCC May 2018 Facebook Challenge - MONOCHROME

1st place - Patricia Giraldo

1st place - Patricia Giraldo

And here are the other entries in our challenge.

SFNPCC April 2018 Facebook Challenge - FLOWERS

1st Place - Yellow Rose by Ernesto Rodriguez-Corria

1st Place - Yellow Rose by Ernesto Rodriguez-Corria

Here are our other images from the April "Flowers" challenge.

SFNPCC March 2018 Facebook Photo Challenge - LONG EXPOSURE

1st Place Barbara Livieri

Here's our images from the March "Long Exposure" challenge.

Congratulations to all of the participants!

January 2018 Jupiter Weekend Trip

Our past president Jason Eldridge had an idea months ago to photograph the "blowing rocks" in Jupiter. After some research and planning the SFNPCC went on our first weekend trip. Ten or so members visited Jupiter and the Coral Cove Park to photograph all of its wonders. Enjoy!

Images by Barbara Livieri

April 15, 2018 Kirby Storter Milky Way

April was a jam-packed month full of shooting. On the 15th Bob Richardson led a group out to the Kirby Storter Wayside Park in the Big Cypress to shoot the milky way. Good time was had by all. Here are a few images from that night.

April 2018 Meeting Smoke & Water Drops

In our April meeting, Robert (Bob) Richardson lead the group in a 'how to' for a rainy day. How to photograph smoke steams and water droplets. Everyone really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you BOB! Below are a few images from select members.

Above images submitted by Zeida Cecilia-Mendez

April 2018 St. Augustine Weekend Trip

The SFNPCC members traveled to St. Augustine to visit the Alligator Farm and photograph some wildlife. Big THANK YOU to Ibis Hillencamp for planning and leading this great trip. Fun was had by all. Here are a few images from a few of our members. Enjoy!

Above images submitted by Ibis Hillencamp

Above images submitted by Delfin Hernandez

SFNPCC February 2018 Facebook Photo Challenge - BIRDS

February's challenge was "birds". Birds are extremely challenging as they move very quickly in and out of good light. Congratulations to our winner, Patricia Giraldo!

1st Place Patricia Giraldo

1st Place Patricia Giraldo

SFNPCC January 2018 Facebook Photo Challenge - SUNRISES/SUNSETS

We revamped our monthly challenges to only use recent captures, not older images, to emphasize the need to shoot on a regular basis, and get out there and shoot! All images were taken in 2018. Click on the images for the full frame. Enjoy!

1st Place, Patricia Giraldo!

1st Place, Patricia Giraldo!