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Photoshop - 2-Day Photoshop Workshop with Robert Chaplin

Take your image processing to the next level with the power of Photoshop. This two day class will take you from setting up photoshop to streamline your workflow, to opening the image and working through processing, and finishing with sizing your image for its intended use.

Lessons will include learning how to:

Day One –

  • Set up work space for the way you work
  • Learn to use Key Strokes and customize keystrokes to speed up processing
  • Bridge interface and Adobe RAW
  • Patch, Heal, and Spot Removal
  • Use selection tools
  • Work with layers and layer masks
  • Work with blend modes
  • Cropping
  • Create Actions
  • Stacking for star trails
  • Create time lapse

Day two –

  • Using the selection tools to isolate and remove objects for use in other images
  • Creative blending using backgrounds
  • Duo-Tones, Tri-Tones, and Quad-Tones for Monochrome (B&W) Images
  • Work flow (sizing) for processing, printing, and web
  • Sharpen images for use
  • Recap/practice using your images
Photoshop Workshop
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