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August Field Trip - Perseids Meteor Shower


We're meeting at 8:30pm on Saturday, Aug. 12th at the Ernest Coe Visitor's center. I have a few locations in mind and we'll decide which one when we know how many will show up. (RSVP please!) Of the three locations all will have opportunities to shoot to the north and south, for milky way and north star (Polaris) opportunities.

The reason for the time change is to get the best conditions for as long as possible. The sunsets at 8pm, and the moon rises at 11:30pm. If we meet at 8:30, we can get to our location by 9 and get some great shots before the moon brightens up the sky and lessens the star power. 

Do bring:

  • Tripod- Highly recommended
  • Remote Shutter Release Cable or Intervalometer - also highly recommended. You can buy one fairly reasonable if you don't have one. They only cost about $25 online. If not, you can set your camera up with its timer.
  • Widest and fastest lens, whatever your lowest mm and lowest f-stop lens you have. 
  • Flashlight - for minimal use only.
  • LOTS of bug spray, ThermaCells, Bug Suits, long sleeve shirts and long pants. Anything to keep the bugs off of you. This is the middle of wet season in the biggest swamp in the world. The mosquitoes are very active! I can't stress this enough. This is high time for the mosquitoes. Be very prepared!!
  • Snacks/water/coffee/sodas.
  • Protective sturdy footwear. This is the Everglades and critters are everywhere. We wont be hiking the prairies but better safe than sorry. Wear what you have. 
  • Lawn chairs. Let's be comfortable!

Please, be sure to RSVP to me at .