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May Field Trip - Sunrise at the Mangrove Transition Area

Robert will be leading us in a sunrise shoot over at the mangrove transition area in the Everglades.

The mangrove transition area is located near and around Paurotis pond, on the east side of the park road. A great sunrise location, this area can be photographed from the side of the road. During the wet season, stepping off of the edge of the road can be a challenge. The bottom (for lack of a better description) can be very mucky. Care and patience must be taken to walk out into the mangrove area. Bob walked out into the water to get this shot (shown above). But it is not necessary to walk out into the muck. You certainly can shoot from the side of the road.  If you have Robert's book, "Everglades National Park: A Photographic Destination" check out pages 117-119 for some daytime photos.

We'll meet at the Ernest Coe Visitor's center at 5am and we'll caravan down to the transition area to get set up in time for the sunrise.

This is late spring, almost summer season, within the Everglades so proper clothing will be needed. Definitely bring your mosquito repellent, jackets, any and all implements to keep you comfortable in the 'glades. Definitely bring your ThermaCells if you have one. If not, they are not expensive. You can find them at most department stores or even Amazon. I highly recommend picking one up.

Other items you will need:

1) tripod
2) Bring all the lenses you've got or think you'll need. You'll be parked on the side of the road with easy access to your vehicle. You might want a nice wide shot, or you may want to zoom into a mangrove in the distance. You just never know. 'Bring it all' I say! Be on the safe side.
3) remote shutter release
4) bottled water/beverages
5) snacks
6) Sunscreen

We are meeting in the Everglades, guard shack is usually manned from 6am till 4:30pm. If you arrive between those times, you will have to pay $25 entrance fee (which is good for 7 days). As I've said before, I'm almost certain you have all purchased a yearly pass from the Everglades NP or the National Park Service. If not, they do sell them at any visitor center within all 3 areas of the park. Or you can purchase online from the link below. I would do so at least a week before going to be sure it will arrive on time.

Everglades Park Passes

Be sure to RSVP by sending us an email here at

Non-member visitors fee is $10.