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Feb. Field Trip - Shark Valley Bird Shoot


February's field trip will be to Shark Valley in the northern Everglades on Saturday, February 18th.

The gates at the park entrance open at 8:30am and that's the perfect time to see the birds. Plan to be there just a little ahead of time so you can get in right away.

Be aware that the Park now charges $25 per non-commercial vehicle (covers all passengers) and that pass is good for 7 days. Of course, YOU don't have to worry about that because you all have the Everglades pass, RIGHT? Don't worry if you don't, you can purchase a yearly Everglades pass for $40 online. That'll get you in the park for the whole year. Or you can do like I did, and buy the National Park Pass for $80+change, and that will get you into all of the National Parks for a year. But pick the one you feel fits you the best. Here's a link to purchase all passes ahead of time.  Or you can just bring cash. That works too.

When we first arrive Robert will give us a crash course on "birding" and how to get the best shot possible. Then we'll head out on the loop to see what we can find. Might just find some baby alligators too! (Of course, mama will be close behind.)  It should be a great day. This time of year all of the wildlife stays close to water and there's the big canal along the western loop of the road.

We suggest participants bring the following:

- Water (there is a concession stand if you forget)
- Comfortable shoes
- Long Pants (be comfortable - plan for the weather)
- Sunscreen
- Long sleeve shirt (for mosquitoes)
- Insect repellent (for those of you who seem to attract mosquitoes in the dead of winter)
- Snacks if you wish (or concessions will be available)

Please RSVP for this field trip by emailing us at: That way we know who will be coming so we don't start without you!

As always there is $10 fee for non-members to attend field trips.

For more information and the latest updates, always consult our website at

We look forward to seeing you there!